About Illini Wealth

Skip Heaver, CFA, CFP ®, B.S. '05

Ron Kiddoo, CPA, B.S. '64, M.S. ‘65

For more than 50 years, the University of Illinois Alumni Association has offered valuable services to its members. It is pleased to have chosen Cozad Asset Management, Inc. as its affinity partner to offer highly personalized investment management, investment portfolios, financial planning and other services to University of Illinois alumni. Cozad Asset Management, Inc. has enjoyed a long-standing connection with the University of Illinois with many of its principals, associates and clients counted among its alumni. Illini Wealth, a program of Cozad Asset Management, Inc., was established in 2014 to serve the wealth management needs of Illinois alumni, regardless of where they live or where they are in their life’s journey.

Founded in 1972, Cozad Asset Management, Inc. provides the highest quality professional and personalized financial services and advice to individuals, families and institutional investors throughout the country. Its client-focused approach allows Cozad professionals to fully understand each client’s personal financial situation and to satisfy individual financial objectives and achieve long-term goals. Many clients find Cozad’s specialized composites to be excellent additions to their portfolios.



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